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-Personalized workout program tailored to your goals
-Cardio Regimen 
-Macro coaching
-Check ins every Sunday with weekly adjustments
-A separate email for responses to questions you have in under 24hours
-Grocery list of ideas of what to eat 

-Must have access to a gym 
-Food Scale 
-Scale for weigh ins
-Access to a camera for picture check-ins

My Goal for You
My goal for you is to gain as much knowledge as possible while working with me. I want you to learn about macros and how they are huge while gaining\losing weight. I want you to feel confident if someone asks you a question on why you do a certain workout and why you choose to do it. My goal for you is to be well rounded enough to be able to go on your own eventually. A lot of trainers give you minimal information to keep you resigning with them, but that’s not my goal. My goal is to get you ready to be on your own while seeing progress with my coaching.

Thank you for your interest in the BvFit-coaching, I have personally been ready to start online coaching for awhile, but I know it’s a whole different ball game than in person training. With that being said, I’d really like you to give your 100% effort and I’ll give mine. I changed my life around through fitness, now let’s do it for you!

Let’s get to work!
- B

One on One Coaching

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